Free Download Renault Pin Code Reader Software

You should always ensure that the radio PIN CODE number is recorded by your Renault Dealership. If your pin code is unknown, you will need to contact the Service Department of an authorized Renault Dealer who can arrange to obtain the code. A fee may be charged for this service.
What is you have not record your pin code? obdtoolshop.co.uk here offer pin code software download for both old and new Renault vehicle models.
Renault PIN Codereading Key programmer works for Renault cars from 1999-2003 which is K Line. Renault Explorer works for Renault car after 2003 which is CAN line.
Software Language: English
Operating system: Windows XP O/S
Read immobilizer PIN code and Key programming on Renault Megane and Megane Scenic modules with UCBIC (BSI) module from 1999 to 2003 year via OBD II.
Support vehicle model:
Renault Megane & Scenic (1999-2003) 8 digits PIN code reading via OBDII
Renault Megane – 1999 to 2003
Renault Megane Scenic – 1999 to 2003
Renault Explorer software allows you to add a blank key or card for many of Renault cars after 2003 via OBD2 socket. You can also change VIN number in UCH module (immobilizer). For example, if your UCH module was previously used on another car.
Computer system: Windows XP O/S
Supported models (Renault and Dacia):
Clio II Ph2/3, 2002-2006
Espace IV, 2003-2006
Espace IV Ph2, 2006+
Kangoo MUX Ph2, 2002-2007
Laguna II, 2000-2005
Laguna II Ph2, 2005-2007
Logan, 2004-2008 – New!!!
Logan Ph2, 2008+ – New!!!
Master Ph2, 2002-2006
Master Ph3, 2007+ – New!!!
Megane II, 2003-2006
Megane II Ph2, 2007+
Sandero, 2008+ – New!!!
Scenic II, 2003+
Scenic II Ph2, 2007+
Solenza, 2003-2005 – New!!!
Trafic II, 2002-2006
Trafic II Ph2, 2007+ – New!!!
Twingo Ph2, 2002-2007 – New!!!
Velsatis, 2002+
Velsatis Ph2, 2006+

This is from obd tool website technical support: Free Download Renault Pin Code Reader Software

Lexia 3 xs ecolution PP2000 Diagbox fails to communicate issue (SP08-C)

Lexia 3 XS Evolution Peugeot Planet PP2000 Diagbox item no SP08-C is the best quality lexia PSA diagnostic tool with original 921815C chip that works excellent on Peugeot 307. But recently one of SP08-C customers reported that his lexia interface cannot communicate with vehicle.

obdtool.co.uk engineers have worked out the solution. The solution fits all following 3 situations.

Occasion 1: Connect lexia3 cable with computer but there is no communication with the computer
Occasion 2: Change many vehicles but still cannot read ECU after plugged the lexia cable
Occasion 3: The device can be detected for 1 or 2 times at the beginning, but cannot be detected later.


You have to change the lexia 3 PCB chip marked red below

Please contact obdtool.co.uk customer service and order the SP08-C lexia 3 chip to replace the old one.

This is from obd tool website technical support: Lexia 3 xs ecolution PP2000 Diagbox fails to communicate issue (SP08-C)

Question for the Lexia-3 V48 Citroen/Peugeot Diagnostic PP2000 V25 with Diagbox V7.57

10 Highlights to get Lexia 3 V48 pp2000 v25 diagbox v7.57: 

1. Software Version:
Lexia3  Software: V48
PP2000 Software: V25
Diagbox : V7.57
2. Language List: English, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Hungary, Greek, Czech
3. Update via CD.
4. Support cars from 1995 to 2012.
5. Support Windows XP.
6. PP2000/LEXIA-3 Interface works for both Citroen and Peugeot! Support Peugeot 307
7. Diagbox V7.49 Software free provide.
8. Lexia-3 PCB edge is golden with original full chips.Double PCB has 7pcs optocouplers, which are 100% original and new.
9. lexia-3 relays are 12pcs, which are 4.5V, it is more stable.
10. PP2000 have 2pcs Optocouplers.
Q1: when install Lexia-3 Diagbox software, error message reading “ERROR Lexia: error during installation of Lexia. You have to reactivate to restart the installation.”
A1: Your computer system isn’t compatible with the software; please use Windows XP operation system.
Q2: Does Lexia test the tire pressure?
A2: If your car has Tire pressure control unit, lexia-3 can test the tire pressure.
Q: After plug the USB cable to the Lexia 3 (item NO. SP08-C), the indicator lights flash and off, off and flash, not stable.
A: Is the USB cable also connected with the car? Check whether the USB cable is not connected well with the computer.
Q: yes, I do. I try on several cars, does not work either.
A: try to use another USB cable, if it will not work either, contact us, maybe it needs to return to us for check.
Q4: Does Lexia-3 work with Peugeot 308?
A4: Yes, it does, but which year of your Peugeot 308? Lexia-3 PP2000 works with Peugeot 308 from 1996 to 2008.
Q5: Can Lexia 3 (item NO: SP08-C) work with Peugeot Partner Tepee B9 2011 diesel car?
A5: this car model is included in the supported carlist, so far no users feedback this car is not supported.
Q6: is PPS compatible with Peugeot 307 HDI?
A6: PPS2000 work with Peugeot 307, but it is not compatible with Hybrid Diesel Peugeot only with the gasoline car.
Q7: Can Lexia-3 PP2000 (item NO. SP08-C) work with Peugeot 407 2005, after install the NEW DPF, can I reset DPF counter? After Eolys is full, can I reset Eolys counter?
A7: PP2000 supports Peugeot 407 2005, but the DPF and Eolys are truck or diesel car systems, we haven’t tested it.
Q8: Would you please store the software lexia3 and diagbox6.01 in one CD?
A8: No, they are not allowed to store in one CD, they have to be stored them in two different CD, otherwise the software installation will get errors.
Q9: During the installation of Lexia-3, I got ERROR reading “Failure of the activation (error 20).
A9: we are so sorry; we used to store the lexia3 pp2000 software and diagbox v6.01 software in the same one CD, now they are separately stored into two different CD. Or you can contact me for the software download link for you to use.
Q10: I install diagbox software on Windows XP3, 32BIT, but it can’t communicate with the car, besides, I install PPS software in another computer (Win XP, 32bit, SP3), I successfully active it, but can’t communicate with the car either, what’s the problem?
A10: Try to install Lexia-3 software, if lexia3 software can communicate with the car. So it suggests you didn’t install diagbox software properly, or your computer system is not compatible with diagbox software, please you watch the video in the CD, the video shows you how to step-by-step install the software.
Q11: It can do C5 cars?
A11: It is not stable for c5 cars, you'd better not choose this for c5.
Q12: It can be updated?
A12: It is updated by CD.
Q13: I have installed it on windows 7 system, but it cannot work, what is the problem?
A13: It can only be installed on XP system; you need to change another computer with XP system.

PP2000 fix Engine Management Light (EML) on for Peugeot 206

This post starts with Peugeot 406 problem that Engine Management Light (EML) on, then use Lexia 3 PP2000 Peugeot diagnostic tool to read out the fault code, according to the fault code description, the technician finally solved the problem.

Let’s go

Car model and year:
Peugeot 206 Bella, a 1.4 16V Sport in Moonstone Blue

Car problem:
EML is coming on, showing anti-pollution fault, it'll stay there for about 3 days and then disappear for about a week, then back on for 3 days.

Tool to use:
I use PP2000 Peugeot diagnostic tool to read out codes, I bought from obdtoolshop.co.uk

Fault code and description
P0170 - Fuel Trim Bank 1
P0011 - A Camshaft Position - Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance Bank 1
P0012 - A Camshaft Position - Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance Bank 1

I think you should remove the vvt solenoid, easy enough to do and just give it a good clean and tell us what the condition is like before you clean it

It was a faulty Pre-cat Lambda.
Fuel Trim Bank 1 = Pre-cat Lambda sensor

This is from obd tool website technical support:   PP2000 fix Engine Management Light (EML) on for Peugeot 206

With diagbox V7.57 Series 921815C / Firmware Lexia 3 V48 PP2000 v25

To Lexia 3 PP2000 users,Obd tools website newly releases a new kind of best quality Lexia 3 PP2000 built-in original chip 921815C / firmware and can perform very well with Peugeot 307. The new lexia 3 pp2000 will demand those who want to get real picky and go for quality chips and check for NEC chips as in something like this:

obdtool.co.uk sells 75, and shipping cost depends on your destination.
This is newest Lexia-3 PP2000 package.

Two pieces of PCB board pictures with marked 921815C / firmware position to prove the best quality of Lexia 3 PP2000.

More detailed information on newest Lexia-3 PP2000
Firmware: 921815C /, best full chip
Software: V7 Date diagbox
Update: Once obdtool.co.uk is available with newest software download link, you will be informed to download.
Besides, the newest one package is different from the older version as follows.

Citroen Peugeot Lexia 3 PP2000 with 100% 921815C chip

Obd tools site (obdtool.co.uk) has extracted PSA Citroen and Peugeot Leixa 3 PP2000 XS Evolution Diagbox diagnostic interface with 100% original 921815C full chip that works perfectly on Peugeot 307, 407 and Citroen C5.

Software version: 
Lexia-3 V48,
Peugeot Planet 2000 PP2000 V25,
Diagbox 7.57

Software languages: 
English, Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Arabia, Spanish, Turkish, Danish, Iranian, Greek, Israel, Hungary, Indonesian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Finnish, Slovenian, Swedish, Czech, Croatia, Thai...

PSA Lexia3 Interface firmware version and chip:

How to check if the LEXIA 3 is original?

Lexia-3 PCB edge is golden. Double PCB
Lexia-3 replays are 12pcs, which are 4.5V, it is more stable.
Lexia3 PCB has 7pcs optocouplers , which are 100% original and new
2pcs Optocouplers on Lexia 3 PP2000
Firmware: Reference Serial 921815 C/

This is from obd tool website technical support: Citroen Peugeot Lexia 3 PP2000 with 100% 921815C chip

Lexia 3 V48 xs Evolution Citroen/Peugeot Diagnostic to fix C4 Coupe clunking, squeaking and shaking, is it possible?

Car model tried: 
New (used) Citroen C4 coupe 1.6 petrol 2005, car is driven about 193000km.
Car Problem: Have a lot of noises makes starting to be very disturbing.
Detailed problem explanation:
1. When the steering wheel is turned completely to either left or right, a mad squeaking starts (the car has to be moving) but speed doesn't matter. The sound comes from front, both sides, or might also be from engine bay.
2. A pretty loud constant clunking from the rear, which seems to vary depending on speed. The faster I go, the faster it clunks. The clunking can be felt very good also at the front passenger's footwell.
Someone suggested wheel bearings, but I doubt that, I also heard about springs which I also doubt since the clunking is constant, no matter the road or speed.
I had a similar problem with my previous BMW E46 (though random and much louder); it turned out to be the output shafts.
3. The car kind of jumps when engine breaking and gently pressing the gas pedal, this is something that many cars do, but not this bad, it's almost as if the car is stalling. Same thing happens when engine breaking and shifting down, it seems to happen at about rev. 2000x/min or under just before the need to down shift. It feels more like an kangaroo ride than a French ride.
I know this starts to happen to "older and used" cars, but is there a way to fix it or make it better on a citroen.
I'm planning on getting Lexia-3 Lexia 3 V48 xs Evolution Citroen/Peugeot Diagnostic PP2000 V25, but before I do, is it possible to edit car settings with Lexia? For example auto. door locking at certain speed, maybe light functions or something?
Engineer suggestion:
Chinese Lexia 3 is only used to diagnose, but it is option to reset/program, the user is supposed to do it online, try to get one account from original factory and connect to their server, then use their data to do.
The next thing is to get one account from original factory and connect to their server. Good luck for you.
Help from the other friends:
Auto door locking is already enabled at circa 11 mph and can be turned on or off via driver settings in the car without Lexia. And another one suggested Auto door locking is enabled/disabled by pressing the internal door lock button on the dash by more than a few seconds. (probably 5 secs to be sure).
Their suggest narrowed it down for me very much! After I trial from the driver settings I couldn't get it to work, I found the auto-lock option where it says it’s disabled. If I press OK-button on the steering wheel, it just jumps to the main screen and nothing happens.

Diagbox V7.57 software display:

Enable Mitsubishi hidden functions using Lexia 3 PP2000 diagnostic tool

I would never have known that there were "hidden" options in my 2008 Outlander Sport until I got a Lexia 3 pp2000 cable, although it beats me why they wouldn't enable them in the factory and advertise as "features".

The Lexia 3 PP2000 diagnostic tool came with a CD. I noticed that the CD I got with this device had something called "diagbox".
Finally got my device hooked up to my car today. I spent a whole day trying to get XP installed on my DVD, getting the software to work properly, etc.
I enabled the speed-based auto locking (love it) in parking feature using PP2000 and turned off the
annoying seatbelt warning chime. It annoys the heck out of me when I drive without a seatbelt (on private
property, if you're wondering). This evening I saw another option called "comfort flashing" in the PP2000
customer options. This is the feature that lets you slightly tap the turn signal stalk and have it flash 3
times. According to the car manual, the number of flashes can be adjusted usingMMCS. I looked around
but couldn't find the place where I can change the number of flashes (I want to bump mine up from 3 to
5). The option in PP2000 was only to active/deactivate the feature, and there was nothing there that let
me change the parameters of it.
I also want to have both my DRLs and Fog lamps in the same assembly but have not figure out how to do it
yet. Anyways, given the convenience and cheap price, the tool would be worth it.
Lexia-3 V48 PP2000 V25 Citroen/Peugeot Diagnostic Support Peugeot 307 Avec Diagbox V7.57:


DIY Program Peugeot new key with Lexia 3 Peugeot Planet 2000

Lexia 3 is the universal diagnostic interface for PSA Citroen and Peugeot. Here is a step-by-step Peugeot 307 new key programming instruction using lexia 3 XS-evolution PP2000 diagbox interface.

A laptop running Win XP/Win 7 mode
Pin code

PIN Code is required during key programming procedure. Record your vehicle PIN code first. Free download Renault Pin code reader software:


1.       Install and activate Lexia 3 PP2000 V25 diagnostic software
2.       Select vehicle model 307 and wait until the well communication built
3.       Check the entering vehicle information

4.       Select the application as Peugeot Plant 2000 and confirm it

5.       Select test by ECU
6.       Select Built-in systems interface

7.       The system is reading the ECU in progress, follow and accept the windows prompts.
8.       Select Learning option under Carry out the tests menu display

9. Select Programming of keys

10. The system will display key programming procedure when activation process is complete. Confirm to continue.  
11. Confirm Unlocking the E.C.U program
12. Manually enter the Confidential code (PIN Code)

13. The system is verifying the PIN code. If the code is correct, the built-in systems interface is ready for programming of keys.  
14. Enter the key number to be learnt. The number of keys to be programmed cannot exceed 5.

15. Follow the screen prompt to switch off the ignition
16. Then switch ignition to ON within 15 s.

17. Key programmed, switch off the ignition and take out the key

18. Switch ignition ON again and insert the next key in the ignition. Repeat the key programming procedure to program another key. When complete programming, the system will display keys that are programmed.

19. Follow the screen instructions. Check the handbrake is on. For an automatic gearbox, check the gear level is in position “P”. For a manual gearbox, check that the gear level is in neutral
20. Follow the re-synchronies the HF remote controls procedure to operate until the “End of key programming procedure” notice displays. Exit the program.

How to solve Citroen and Peugeot Lexia 3 PP2000 central locking problem

Vehicle example:
Peugeot 307 2.0 HDi 2005

Diagnostic equipment:
Lexia 3 Peugeot Planet PP2000 for Citroen and Peugeot OBDdiagnostic interface

New Pug 307 comes with one original key, so I have to make a new backup key. Got a blank key and got the key cut and programmed with lexia 3 PP2000 diagnostic software. Then I have two new keys that can start the car.

Got a good key programming document with PP2000 and followed it step by step:

Stopped at the learning transponder key procedure, search around Pug forums and finally got the answer.

The problem lies on the lexia 3 PCB.

There are different types of PCB on the aftermarket:
1. Original keys which works fine
2. Copy keys sometimes PCB sometimes does not work
3. Second hand keys PCB can not be programmed again

Make sure you get the correct PCB, take this one on obd tools site (obdtool.co.uk)

1. Lexia-3 PCB edge is golden with original full chips. Double PCB has 7pcs optocouplers, which are 100% original and new.
2. lexia-3 relays are 12pcs, which are 4.5V, it is more stable.
3. PP2000 has 2pcs Optocouplers.

What can you program with Lexia 3 V49 diagnostic tool?

Leixa 3 is a well-known diagnostic tool for Citroen owners and mechanics. If you only use it to pull and clear codes, you definitely not make the most use of it. It actually can do some programming and coding. Here I take the latest Lexia 3 V49 and Citroen C4 for example.

Customer Options

On-the-move locking option
Detection of driver’s seat belt not fastened
Presence of front foglamps
Multiplexed electric rear view mirrors with foldback
Presence of rear screen wipe in reverse gear
Automatic relocking
Type of alarm
Presence of a trailer relay unit (BSR)
Type of deflation detection
Type of daytime-running lamps

Menu: vehicle definition – equipment – driver’s information

Overspeed alert option
Passenger’s seat position memorisation control unit option
Automatic gearbox option
Right-hand-drive vehicle
ESP option
Driving school vehiclde option
3-door vehicle
Engine oil temperature sensor option
Coolant level sensor option
Passenger airbag option
Presence of the telematic unit (RT3)
Presence of water-in-diesel-fuel sensor
Presence of the air pump
Multiplexed ABS option
Estate vehicle
Presence of a piloted manual gearbox
Origin of the water-in-diesel-fuel information
Driving position memorisation option
Presence and type of vehicle cruise control
Origin of the oil temperature information
Presence of the parking assistance button
Type of parking assistance
Presence of the log of functions
Presence of the log of alerts
Parking assistance with visual information
Parking assistance with sound information
Presence of a fixed centred controls (FCC) steering wheel
Presence of a programmable button
Type of detection of presence of fuel cap
Piloting of the diesel fuel additive pump
Type of alternator
Engine ECU compatible with the vehicle speed limiter
Presence of button for measurement of available space
Presence of warning lamp for measurement of available space
Type of seat belt fastening management contol unit
Total time before next service (threshold)
Threshold for first service
Maintenance threshold (marketing)
Kilometre threshold for forcing of customer mode
Memorisation of faults
Kilometre threshold for automatic change from park mode to customer mode
Type of personalisation menu
Presence of an electric secondary brake
Presence of a battery charge indicator
Control unit for memorisation of rear seat positions
Presence of the welcome function for the rear passengers
Electrically adjustable rear seats
Presence of the welcome function for the driver
Origin of the oil pressure information
Number of seat belt non-fastening switches
Sensor for detection of presence of a front passenger
Detection of non-fastening of the driver’s seatbelt
Detection of non-fastening of rear passengers’ seatbelts
Detection of non-fastening of the front passenger’s seat belt
Detection of non-fastening of the middle front passenger’s seat belt
Presence of a radio RD4
Presence of a red warning lamp for the Steering Assistance alert
Presence of an orange warning lamp for the Steering Assistance alert
Tolerance on value set for the cruise control / speed limiter
Lane Departure Warning System option
Format for exchanges of data with the switch module under the steering wheel
Presence of a fuel pump
Types of information managed by the seat belt fastening control unit
Retention of the brake when starting on an incline
Type of vehicle
Presence of a hands-free kit
Presence of a CD changer
Presence of a rear height corrector control unit
Detection of non-fastening of middle rear passenger’s seat belt
Detection of non-fastening of rear LH passenger’s seatbelt
Detection of non-fastening of rear RH passenger’s seatbelt
Presence of a steering angle sensor
Presence of a rev counter control unit or an odometer warning control unit
Presence of an audio equaliser amplifier
Detection of non-fastening of seat belts for the third row of seats
Sound alert for parking assistance emitted by the switch module under the steering wheel
Display of fuel consumption without overconsumption due to the regeneration of the particle filter
Time of response by the engine ECU to the BSI when operating the cruise control
Display of the alert for fastening of rear seat belts when opening a door or switching on the ignition
Retention of braking (by the ESP) for 2 seconds when starting on a gradient

Menu: air conditioning – cabin heating

Presence of an outside temperature sensor
Deactivation of load-shedding of the aircon blower
Presence of an aircon compressor with external control
Presence of a pollution sensor
Presence of an additional blower
Type of sunlight sensor
Type of air mixing
Type of air distribution
Type of additional heating
Aircon compressor drive ratio
Presence of piloted blower
Presence and type of blown air sensor
Type of air inlet
Position of the outside temperature sensor
Type of outside temperature sensor
Recovery of the heat from the exhaust gases for heating the passenger compartment
Recovery of the heat from the engine for heating the passenger compartment
Type of rear air blower
Type of climate
Type of aircon compressor
Presence of air conditioning

Menu: lighting - signalling – visibility – rear view mirrors

Sunlight sensor option
Rain sensor option
Rear screen wipe option
Headlamp wash option
Vehicle location option
Automatic lighting of the instrument panel and multifunction screen as a function of ambient brightness
Automatic lighting of hazard warning lamps in the event of impact
Timing of guide-me-home lighting option
Automatic lighting of hazard warning lamps under heavy deceleration
Dipped beam and main beam in the same lens
Presence of front foglamps
Daytime-running lamps
Multiplexed electric rear view mirrors with foldback
Rear view mirrors indexed to reverse gear
Presence of rear screen wipe in reverse gear
Lighting of hazard warning lamps when pressing the emergency call button
Presence of rear foglamps
Very cold option
Main beams and foglamps in the same lens
Black Panel mode option
Guide-me-home lighting option
Type of headlamps
Type of daytime-running lamps
Presence of a rain/sunlight sensor with regulated-speed screen wipe
Presence of directional headlamps that can be diagnosed
Presence of a lighting stalk with four positions
Presence of a stalk with one-touch activation of automatic wipe
Activation of automatic lighting of headlamps via the personalisation menu
Presence of a third button on the high frequency remote control for lighting of headlamps
Presence of a left hand reversing lamp
Presence of a right hand reversing lamp
Presence of parking lamps
Presence of rear left hand foglamp
Presence of rear right hand foglamp
Control of front foglamps via a dedicated output from the engine relay unit ( BSM)
Adjustment of the lighting rheostat in day mode
Type of interior lamp switch

Menu: locking – doors and tailgate - immobiliser - alarm

On-the-move locking option
Option for opening the boot via the high frequency remote control
Mercosur windows logic
Central closing by high frequency remote control
Type of locking
Two multiplexed front windows
Number / type of sun roof
Opening rear screen option
Child safety option
Option for closing of windows by high frequency remote control and by key
Type of child safety
Automatic relocking
Presence of central locking
Type of alarm
Type of anti-theft
Option for permanent locking of boot
Electric front windows with anti-pinch
Supplier of the high frequency remote control
Inviolability mode
Presence of a multiplexed sun roof
Alarm volumetric detection

Menu: fuel gauge low – oil level gauge low

Type of fuel
Oil level sensor option
Tank capacity
Resistance of gauge, tank empty.
Resistance of gauge, tank full
Fuel gauge law - alert level
Fuel gauge law - selection of the vehicle
Selection of engine oil gauging table
Origin of the oil level information
Condition for measuring the oil level

ECUs Also Fitted

Fixed centred controls (FCC) steering wheel
Engine relay unit (BSM)
Rain / sunlight sensor
Driver’s door module
Passenger door module
Parking assistance
Driving school module
Instrument panel
Lane Departure Warning System
NaviDrive telematic unit (RT3)
Rev counter control unit
Trailer relay unit
Air conditioning
Driver’s seat memorisation control unit
CD changer
Hands-Free Kit
Diesel fuel additive module
Presence of steering angle sensor
Engine ECU
Automatic gearbox / piloted manual gearbox
Deflation detection
Power steering
Directional headlamps
Multiplexed diesel fuel additive pump