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Here is the frequently asked questions from Lexia-3 PP2000 at www.obdtool.co.uk. Hope this help you all.
Compatible device for the FAQ:
Q1: when install Lexia-3 Diagbox software, error message reading "ERROR Lexia: error during installation of Lexia. You have to reactivate to restart the installation."
A1: Your computer system isn’t compatible with the software; please use Windows XP operation system.
Q2: Does Lexia test the tire pressure?
A2: If your car has Tire pressure control unit, lexia-3 can test the tire pressure.
Q3-1: after plug the USB cable to the Lexia 3 (item NO. SP08-C), the indicator lights flash and off, off and flash, not stable.
A3-1: Is the USB cable also connected with the car? Check whether the USB cable is not connected well with the computer.
Q3-2: yes, I do. I try on several cars, still does not work.
A3-2: try to use another USB cable, if it will not work either, contact us, maybe it needs to return to us for check.
Q4: Does Lexia-3 work with Peugeot 308?
A4: Yes, it does, but which year of your Peugeot 308? Lexia-3 PP2000 works with Peugeot 308 from 1996 to 2008.
Q5: Can Lexia-3 (item NO: SP08-C) work with Peugeot Partner Tepee B9 2011 diesel car?
A5: this car model is included in the supported carlist, so far no users feedback this car is not supported.
Q6: is PPS compatible with Peugeot 307 HDI?
A6: PPS2000 work with Peugeot 307, but it is not compatible with Hybrid Diesel Peugeot only with the gasoline car.
Q7: Can Lexia-3 PP2000 (item NO. SP08-C) work with Peugeot 407 2005, after install the NEW DPF, can I reset DPF counter? After Eolys is full, can I reset Eolys counter?
A7: PP2000 supports Peugeot 407 2005, but the DPF and Eolys are truck or diesel car systems, we haven't tested it.
Q8: Would you please store the software lexia3 pp2000 and diagbox6.01 in one CD?
A8: No, they are not allowed to store in one CD, they have to be stored them in two different CD, otherwise the software installation will get errors.
Q9: During the installation of Lexia-3, I got ERROR reading "Failure of the activation (error 20)."
A9: we are so sorry; we used to store the lexia3 pp2000 software and diagbox v6.01 software in the same one CD, now they are separately stored into two different CD. Please download diagbox V6.01 software at: http://www.chinaautodiag.com/download/diagbox-v6.01-setup.zip and try to reinstall, if it does not work either, contact us we will ship you CD.
Q10: I install diagbox software on Windows XP3, 32BIT, but it can't communicate with the car, besides, I install PPS software in another computer (Win XP, 32bit, SP3), I successfully active it, but can't communicate with the car either, what's the problem?
A10: Try to install Lexia3 software, if lexia3 software can communicate with the car. So it suggests you didn't install diagbox software properly, or your computer system is not compatible with diagbox software, we will produce video tutorial on how to install Diagbox, please check it in the column "video".
Q11: It can do C5 cars?
A11: It is not stable for c5 cars, you'd better not choose this for c5.
Q12: It can be updated?
A12: It is updated by CD.
Q13: I have installed it on windows 7 system, but it can not work, what is the problem?
A13: It can only be installed on XP system; you need to change another computer with XP system.
Q14:1.Is there any new car models which new lexia-3 software can do?
A14 : Yes, the Lexia-3 Citroen/Peugeot Diagnostic PP2000 adds some new cars as follows:
Peugeout Bipper
Peugeout Boxer III
Peugeout Boxer III minibus
Citroen Nemo
Citroen Jumper III
Citroen Jumper III minibus
Q15:I have installed it on windows 7 system, but it cannot work, what is the problem?
A15:It can only be installed on XP system; you need to change another computer with XP system.
Q16:When i register, i meet the problem "the activation code is not valid (error code 11)", what should i do?This is the error picture:
A16:For this problem, the reason is that your keygen information is wrong. Here is the screenshot of the keygen.
The number of the version information in the red frame is wrong, please change it to "LEXIA-348", then you can register successfully.
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Tips: change parameters in BSI and Engine ECU with Diagbox

Car model and year:
Brazilian 308 1.6, EC5 "flex" engine
Device I bought and use:
  • Cruise control stalk
  • PP2000 diagnostic interface
I bought lexia 3 PP2000 with diagbox V7.57 from
My purpose:
To Change parameters in the Engine BSI and ECU
I've installed Diagbox V7.57 and succeeded to change the parameters in the BSI, but when I try to change the parameters in the Engine ECU it doesn't work.
The option is there, but if I click in "Present" nothing happens, and the choose box still shows "Missing".
Solution and Tips:
The ECU & BSI have to be enabled in the correct order. If the wrong order is used you end up in the situation you are in.
Try disabling cruise in the BSI, Setting the ECU option to present then go back to the BSI and re-enable it.

Peugeot Reading Codes by Lexia 3 PP2000

Here is the instruction on how to do Peugeot codes reading with Lexia-3 PP2000.
Device to use:
Lexia 3 Interface lexia 3 pp2000-peugeot 307
  1. Connect a switched jumper to wire 17 of connector M720 which is the green 2 pin connector. Connect the other terminal of the switched jumper to a good ground source.
  2. Turn the ignition switch to the "RUN" (ON) position.
  3. Close the switched jumper for 3 seconds. The "CHECK ENGINE"
indicator will come on. Open the "switched jumper" and the "CHECK ENGINE" indicator will:
  1. Blink once for: 1__ (tens)
  2. Remain off for: 1.5 seconds
  3. Blink twice for: __2 (units)
Thus, a code 12 which indicates the beginning of the "TEST" sequence has been displayed.
  1. Wait for the "CHECK ENGINE" light to come on continuously.
  2. Close the switched jumper for 3 seconds. The "CHECK ENGINE"
indicator will come on. Open the "switched jumper" and the "CHECK ENGINE" indicator will:
  1. Blink (tens)
  2. Remain off for: 1.5 seconds
  3. Blink (units)
Remember the first set of flash codes is the (tens) and the second set of flash codes is the (units). The combination of the (tens)+(units) is the displayed fault code. Take note of all the stored codes.
  1. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until a code 11 is displayed. Up to 5 codes may be stored in the fault memory. Code 11 signals the end of the test sequence and there are no other codes stored. Refer to the fault code chart.
  2. Repair the indicated faults or repeat the test. Be sure to disconnect the "switched jumper" and turn the ignition switch to the "OFF" position before attempting repairs. Disconnecting components and wiring harness connectors with the ignition switch in the "RUN" (ON) position may set additional codes and cause permanent damage to the Motronic system.
  3. To erase the fault code memory turn the ignition switch to the "RUN" (ON) position.
    1. Perform a test sequence up to a code 11
    2. Depress the switched jumper for more than 10 seconds
The "CHECK ENGINE" indicator should be "ON" and all fault codes should have been cleared.
11End of Test Sequence.
12Beginning of Test Sequence.
13Air Temperature Sensor.
14Injection NTC Sensor.
15Fuel Pump(s) Relay.
21Throttle Switch (Idle Position).
22Idle Regulation Electro-valve.
31Self-Correction Richness Regulation.
32Self-Correction Richness Regulation.
33Air Flow Sensor.
34Canister Purge Electro-valve.
35Throttle Switch Unit (Full Load Position).
41Engine RPM Sensor.
43Detonation Sensor Regulation.
44Detonation Sensor.
51Self-Correction Richness Regulation.
52Self-Correction Richness Regulation.
53Battery Voltage.
54Electronic Control Unit.
Read more about Peugeot scanner, please go to:

Lexia 3 PP2000 ECU Fault Code P0299 P1351 P1164 P2562(solved)

Here is the solution for fault codes P0299 P1351 P1164 P2562 read by auto scanner Lexia-3 pp2000. Hope it helps you also.
Device I use:
Lexia 3 interface
Current situation:
The ECU faults are, loss of turbo boost under load and intermittent problems with starting. I've changed the glow plugs but not yet tested to see if the heater relay is working.
Checked my DPF load and it says 65% with last regen ~650km's ago. Additive levels are good.
Seems the turbo boost issue is something to do with the boost solenoid?
Once I get these issues sorted, I can de-fap it.
PS. I've sorted the clutch and brake switch issues.
The planet screenshots:
lexia 3 pp2000 faults -1 lexia 3 pp2000 faults -2 lexia 3 pp2000 faults -3 lexia 3 pp2000 faults -4 lexia 3 pp2000 faults -5
Cleared the codes and ran it up the dual carriageway to get the fault.
The clutch one is from turning the car off/on while moving when the cruise control was on.
Got the P2562 and a EGR one (p0490).
Car also did a regen recently and is currently at 5% load, at least I know that system is working.
lexia 3 pp2000 faults soleved-1 lexia 3 pp2000 faults soleved-2 lexia 3 pp2000 faults soleved-3 lexia 3 pp2000 faults soleved-4 lexia 3 pp2000 faults soleved-5