Which version interface of DiagBox and XS evo to choose

here is a collection by eobdtool.co.uk from the obd2 news and forum which compare these two car diagnostic tools: DiagBox and XS evo. Here we go...
For the first time I managed to install DIAGBOX to start v7.02 so I did all the MAJ one by one until the v7.64, so already I would have liked to know what difference is there with the version 7.57 and 7.64?
Because until now I've been told a lot about 7.57.

Secondly, I noticed in the scrolling menu at the top left of DIAGBOX that you should not have Windows 10 installed, something I have done for a while, what risk can there be?
Now I am looking for an interface, could you recommend me for a start? Or if anyone of you will have one for sale of OCCAZ.
but as you do not know the fofo look

then the problem is not windows 10 itself but rather if you are in 32 or 64 bits?
what is the vehicle for? year?
for your PPI interface
or take an xs evo (SP08-C) at eobdtool.co.uk (request your promo code of 7%)

Thank you and sorry, so I'm 32bits.
It would be for a fairly recent Citroen / Peugeot, it is for troubleshooting "we will say its like its lol" 2010-2015, said I heard that there were diag bags for sale at prices of FOUU !! I have spoken of 1200euros, why paid so expensive when we can do it ourselves for 200euros can ready?
I almost rolled and it's prices?

in 32 bits you will be able to make old and recent PSA vehicles.
for the prices! I put 2 links

one is an original (a real) great deal, the link is my previous post "ppi" and the other is one that comes from eobdtool.co.uk site "SP08-C"
do you manage to see the links when you click on it?

Yes I managed to join the link! I had already seen it before posting my topic. But it seemed expensive, seeing the price on eBay etc ... given that it is original so I understand are prices.
that of expensive diagnosis !! no you laugh it's worth the double
after there is that of the eobdtool at 85 € fdp included (normally not too much trouble), it's a tip to take an evo xs (SP08-C) at eobdtool.co.uk, after you do what you want, buying ebay, aliexpress, etc ..... anyway it's only Chinese and this is the lottery.

avoids ebay and aliexpress, goes through a sales site.
Post opened by people who bought their probe on ebay and aliexpress have stopped counting them ...
Ebay and Aliexpress are shops, where all the sellers sell their product, so more seller, more different price, more choice, and so more shit .....

Or play the card of good quality and problem free by taking a PPi used, paying more expensive certe, but at least it is an original, and therefore zero worries.
Or the xs evolution , the xs evo (SP08-C), in clone among the Chinese. We often advise her.
I will order from eobdtool.co.uk.
Once my interface received, I do not need the flashed or other? I can start working, let's say lol?
The xs evo (SP08-C) on eobdtool.co.uk is already recognized as evolving, so no need to flash.



How to install PSA-COM Bluetooth Scanner on Windows XP

PSA-COM Bluetooth Diagnostic Interface software installation guide here.

PSA-COM Bluetooth Diagnostic Interface has same function as Lexia-3 PP2000

PSA-COMprice: €84.99 + free shipping!
PSA-COM Bluetooth diagnostic interface is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 or Linux and Mac OS/X (using Wine emulation)

Note: This installation instruction is for Windows XP users.

How to install Renault-COM Bluetooth software?
Step1. Download Net Framework 4.0.exe or above in your laptop in advance.
Disable ALL available networks before install or use PSA-COM software.
Step2. Open “My Computer” then CD-ROM “ASP_PSA (E:)”, copy all files to desktop.
Doubleclick “Net Framework 4.0” icon on desktop to start the Setup.
Checkthe box “I have read and accept…” then click “Install”
Wait a while and Net Framework installation complete, click “Finish”.

Step3. Open “SuperScan_10-02-13”, select language as English then click “OK” and “install”.
Wait for a while, the install wizard as below. Click “Next”→ “I accept…”→ “Next” → “Next” → “Install” → “Finish”.
NowPSA-COM Bluetooth Diagnostic Interface software install successfully! Delete “Net Framework 4.0”and “SuperScan_10-02-13” from desktop.

Step4. Bluetooth Setting
Before using PSA-COM, set Bluetooth first!
Click the Bluetooth icon to choose “Open Bluetooth Settings”.
Click “Add...” then check the box “My device is set up and ready to be found” and “Next”.
Choose “AutoScan& Programming” and “Next”.
Choose“Use the passkey…” and input “1234” then “Next”.
Add Bluetooth device wizard complete, click “Finish”.
Now PSA-COM Bluetooth setting finish.

Step5. Diagnosing
Open “SuperScan Manager”, choose the language you use then click “Continue”
Fulfillpersonal information part and click “continue”
Click “Auto Detect” then “Test Connection” to test everything is OK to go on.
Then enter two activation codes, one for EOBD-OBDII, one for Pengeot-Citroen. You can check them at the “Read Me” file.
Then Click “Diagnose”→ “New Vehicle” → “CITROEN” → “Create”.
NOW you can use PSA-COM Bluetooth Diagnostic and programming Interface to diagnose car!
Choose “ENGINE ELECTRONICS” and click “Connect”


How to install PSA-COM diagnostic tool on Windows XP

Here is the how-to guide of Net PSA-COMLexia 3diagnostic tool. It’s easy, just three steps: install Net Framework 4.0 &PSA-COM software and get the Bluetooth connection working.

Psa-com is compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 or Linux, and Mac OS / X (using the Wine emulator)  
Here, it’s installed on Windows XP

Psa-com installation details... Here you go
Disable the network connection

Open the disk with psa-com software
Copy the two file to Desktop
Open the “Read me” notepad to get the installation tips:
Install Net Framework 4.0 or above (search and download from the Internet)
Note: Disconnect network connection

Install psa-com diagnostic software (SuperScan 10.22.13)
Select a language for use
Psa-com support Arabic, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (US), Finnish, French (standard), German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Cyrillic), Spanish, Turkish
Then install
ASM-X SuperScan Manager is successfully installed.

Open Bluetooth devices and add the new one
The psa-com bluetooth device is successfully connected to the computer.

Your PSA-COM are ready for use!
Do not connect to the Internet while using the software

PSA-COM functions:
Fully Multiplexed Bluetooth-in-One Interface
ECU automatic recognition
Automatic vehicle scan
ECU identification: - finds all calculators available in the car by pressing the button.
Bluetooth - wireless connectivity to your laptop or a Windows tablet
Fault code (DTC) reading
 Compensation fault code, with the ability to store the DTC vehicle history forever
Playback frame playback
Live live data measurement / recording data, fully dynamic data with graphic up to 6 data streams at a time, recording and other manipulations
Printing of diagnostic protocol
Testing of actuators, test components via direct ECU access

Special functions - perform dealer level Programming & upscale / coding such as
 the Programming Key
 Service reset
 DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) regeneration
 EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) self-test
 Airbag Programming
 Programming the injector
 power steering calibration
 Programming ECU
 car configurations

other special functions such as DPF, EGR, delivery service, etc. 


How PP2000 fix the problem that Peugeot 406 AC suddenly stop working

Car model and details:
Peugeot 406 Y2001 D9 1.8 petrol 406 Glx
Problem description:
AC suddenly stops working. Just press the button few times but cant here the sound of AC clutch cut in. so checked with an AC.
Guy and he said gas pressure is normal informed me that it’s may be a wiring problem .he checked the front radiator fan too , said it’s not working .
But the engine is not over heating, sometimes I noticed fan is working hi speed for few seconds like 30 40 seconds like.
Fan low speed is not working.
I checked the relays all are good.
My car has only one fan a large single fan like this
406 fan
Analysis and diagnosis:
I don't know how it is with full-mux cars, but on my semi-mux and many others like it the A/C relay in the BSI burns out. It's possible to replace the relay only with a bit of soldering and a bit of cutting in the BSI-casing to gain access.
Test procedure:
PP2000 diagnostic interface, engine off -> aircon clutch actuation (should trigger the clutch on and off 5 times, loud metallic clunk).
directly on the compressor: put 12V to the correct pin on the compressor to see if the clutch works, you should hear a loud metallic clunk.
If PP2000 diagnostic interface (Lexia 3) does not trigger the clutch, but the manual trigger does then the first suspect is the BSI relay.
I think PP2000 scanner is quite important in your case, because you have two possible causes: fan-fault causing the BSI to not engage
the AC, or alternatively the relay.
The fan problem is typical, and I currently suffer from the same. As you say, one of the fans go on on high for a few seconds, then stops. I seem to recall someone saying that the problem is the brushes in the fan motors get jammed and loose connection to the rotor.
Try to look through the grille next time, only one will be spinning.
Often the two fans in parallel is OK to keep the engine cool, but when one fails it's impossible to run it at anything other than full speed. Figure out which one of the two fans is faulty by testing the fans individually from the relay-panel in front of the fan assembly (easily accessible if you remove the grille). I think it was on the coupe-forum I received a bunch of good tips on how to wire it up for the testing, it's not that intuitive.
edit - scrap my comments on the BSI-relay, i'm skipping lines today :-)
fan fault it is - although mine works even with a fan fault, so i guess it depends on whether it's the left or right fan that fails.
AC diagram for 406 and build code (RPO/DAM) explanation:
Moreover, you are required to supply the build code (RPO/DAM) for your car? 406s changed a lot in 2001 and it makes a big difference to the wiring.
The RPO is 08829 (the 89 means it was built at Sochaux, like the majority of 406s), Thu 11 Jan 2001 so definitely a semi-mux. I forgot there are 4 1.8 engines but the diagrams all appear to be the same. I'll add the descriptions in a minute...

BH28 - 28-way passenger fuse panel (I wouldn't take the fuse locations as gospel. Also, be aware that they managed to fit some of there upside-down!)
BM34 - 34-way engine compartment fuse panel.
BH12 - 12-way passenger fuse panel (it's above or below the other one)
1620 : vehicle speed sensor /
8006 : evaporator thermistor (if separate)
6415 : passenger mirror (electric mirror / heated mirror) (external temperature sensor)
1320 - engine ecu
8007 : pressostat
4025 : engine oil temperature sensor + thermal switch
the 90-- stuff is the mux, er, thingy
8030 : passenger compartment air thermistor
8080 : air conditioning ECU
8020 : air conditioning compressor
8010 : coolant temperature unit (/)
8033 : sunshine temperature sender unit
8031 : coolant thermistor
8070 : air inlet flap reduction motor
8065 : mixing flap motor /
8071 : air distribution flap motor (/)
8045 : blower control module (if separate)
The low speed fan is done by a resistor on these, they do rot out but I don't think they'll stop the air con from at least trying to work.
Question: MFD show temperature no any numbers:
Found that the MFD it show up -- at the temperature display position all the time. I guess outside temperature is about 25c .
i just dissemble the wing mirror and found the sensor which leads 2 black wires .
which voltage does the wires supply to the sensor .i have a multi meter so i can check the sensor wires have power at the connector in the door.
I think it's most likely a thermistor. If it's reading 00 it might be the computer's way of saying open circuit, as otherwise I would expect it to say -255*C for NTC or +255*C for PTC.
Since you have a multimeter there anyway hook it up as a voltmeter across the connection, that should give you the supply voltage (or alternatively it would give you an indication of a wire issue, although a thermostat issue is perhaps more likely).
If the MFD show temperature no any numbers
That suggests that the sensor is not connected properly (e.g. sensor faulty, wiring faulty, connector faulty, or - less likely - BSI faulty)
PP2000 might throw an error to let you know what's going on, and if you measure the sensor you'll have an idea if it's an open circuit. There's a slight chance the sensor is amplified, but a 2-pin connector strongly suggests that it's just a dumb thermostat.
You can perhaps trick it into working by connecting traditional resistors in place of the sensor and see what temperature read-out you get. Try biggest resistors first then work your way down until you see a realistic temperature. Maybe AC will turn on then (and of course replace the sensor with a new one as soon as you know if that's the fault).
Finally, I ordered one PP2000 Peugeot diagnostic tool:
I just checked the voltage between the wires of the sensor .it shows only 0.5v .also i check the wire continuity all good .and the outside temperature sensor show 535 ohm reading .and when Imove the soldering iron to the sensor tip the resistance keep reducing bit by bit .I checked till it reduce to 440 ohm .
Also I connected a 10k resister between the wires a nothing changed.
i think the voltage to the sensor is very low .may be due to a BSI problem ...
Today ordered a PP2000 diagnostic interface and need more help from you guys for doing scanning things.

2003 1.6 16V 206CC turns over fine, but won't start

This post is on how to solve the non-starting problem with 2003 1.6 16V 206CC using Lexia 3 PP2000.

Car model and year: 2003 1.6 16V 206CC
Problem:  non-starting problem that I cant get to the bottom of, turned over fine, but wouldn't start.
Here’s what I've done so far.......
1. I have carried out the BSI reset procedure following Capncol's instructions to the letter. (I've probably done this a dozen times now!)
2. I have made sure the battery is in good condition. It's been fully charged and tested - all good.
3. I decided to buy a Lexia 3 diagbox with Peugeot Planet 2000. I've run the diagnostic several times and it appears to talk to all of the ECU's with no faults coming up. (This surprised me a bit to be honest!).
4. I've done a visual check on the wiring loom, particularly under the air filter as I'd read that there was a section prone to corroding wires under there. All look fine, but I haven't checked each wire for resistance yet.
5. I've checked all fuses with a meter and all are fine.
6. I reset the keys using PP2000 and they work fine.
7. I removed the coil pack & plugs and using the actuator test on PP2000, I checked for a spark....... NO SPARK!! I also checked for a spark, buy turning the engine over on the key. Still no spark.I checked the coil pack plug and there is no voltage at he plug on any of the four wires. (I know one is an earth)
8. Whilst the plugs were out, I did a compression test. Cylinder 1 (gearbox end) was a little low compared to the others, but a little bit of oil down the plug hole and a retest saw it come up, so probably needs a set of rings at some stage.
9. Fuel pressure seems OK. After cranking I checked the little bleed valve on the fuel rail and it squirted all over me!! I also removed the rear seat and I can hear the fuel pump operating.
10. Again using the actuator test on PP2000, I checked the injectors one by one. I can hear all clicking during the test, BUT there is no smell of fuel with the plugs removed, which I was expecting there would be?
11. I removed the crank sensor to check for damage / debris, but it was clean and undamaged.
Finally solved!
I’ve managed to get hold of a kit from a donor car consisting of bsi/ecu/key/barrel/transponder/door locks & fuel cap.. Both bsi and ecu have exact same part numbers to my original ones.. I’ve also bought the pp2000/lexiadiagnostics equipment to.. Capncol is there a specific procedure to changing these items as i dont want to ruin the chances of this curing my problem.
great news! Well done on the fix and well spotted  looks like we both had a result last night as i changed my crank position sensor and she fired straight up!! I did think it could of been that from the start due to there being no spark or injectors spraying but as there was no fault codes being brought up i basically over looked it: /
oh well 2 cars fixed!!
This is from obd tool website technical support: 2003 1.6 16V 206CC turns over fine, but won't start


FAQ Lexia-3 PP2000 at www.obdtool.co.uk

Here is the frequently asked questions from Lexia-3 PP2000 at www.obdtool.co.uk. Hope this help you all.
Compatible device for the FAQ:
Q1: when install Lexia-3 Diagbox software, error message reading "ERROR Lexia: error during installation of Lexia. You have to reactivate to restart the installation."
A1: Your computer system isn’t compatible with the software; please use Windows XP operation system.
Q2: Does Lexia test the tire pressure?
A2: If your car has Tire pressure control unit, lexia-3 can test the tire pressure.
Q3-1: after plug the USB cable to the Lexia 3 (item NO. SP08-C), the indicator lights flash and off, off and flash, not stable.
A3-1: Is the USB cable also connected with the car? Check whether the USB cable is not connected well with the computer.
Q3-2: yes, I do. I try on several cars, still does not work.
A3-2: try to use another USB cable, if it will not work either, contact us, maybe it needs to return to us for check.
Q4: Does Lexia-3 work with Peugeot 308?
A4: Yes, it does, but which year of your Peugeot 308? Lexia-3 PP2000 works with Peugeot 308 from 1996 to 2008.
Q5: Can Lexia-3 (item NO: SP08-C) work with Peugeot Partner Tepee B9 2011 diesel car?
A5: this car model is included in the supported carlist, so far no users feedback this car is not supported.
Q6: is PPS compatible with Peugeot 307 HDI?
A6: PPS2000 work with Peugeot 307, but it is not compatible with Hybrid Diesel Peugeot only with the gasoline car.
Q7: Can Lexia-3 PP2000 (item NO. SP08-C) work with Peugeot 407 2005, after install the NEW DPF, can I reset DPF counter? After Eolys is full, can I reset Eolys counter?
A7: PP2000 supports Peugeot 407 2005, but the DPF and Eolys are truck or diesel car systems, we haven't tested it.
Q8: Would you please store the software lexia3 pp2000 and diagbox6.01 in one CD?
A8: No, they are not allowed to store in one CD, they have to be stored them in two different CD, otherwise the software installation will get errors.
Q9: During the installation of Lexia-3, I got ERROR reading "Failure of the activation (error 20)."
A9: we are so sorry; we used to store the lexia3 pp2000 software and diagbox v6.01 software in the same one CD, now they are separately stored into two different CD. Please download diagbox V6.01 software at: http://www.chinaautodiag.com/download/diagbox-v6.01-setup.zip and try to reinstall, if it does not work either, contact us we will ship you CD.
Q10: I install diagbox software on Windows XP3, 32BIT, but it can't communicate with the car, besides, I install PPS software in another computer (Win XP, 32bit, SP3), I successfully active it, but can't communicate with the car either, what's the problem?
A10: Try to install Lexia3 software, if lexia3 software can communicate with the car. So it suggests you didn't install diagbox software properly, or your computer system is not compatible with diagbox software, we will produce video tutorial on how to install Diagbox, please check it in the column "video".
Q11: It can do C5 cars?
A11: It is not stable for c5 cars, you'd better not choose this for c5.
Q12: It can be updated?
A12: It is updated by CD.
Q13: I have installed it on windows 7 system, but it can not work, what is the problem?
A13: It can only be installed on XP system; you need to change another computer with XP system.
Q14:1.Is there any new car models which new lexia-3 software can do?
A14 : Yes, the Lexia-3 Citroen/Peugeot Diagnostic PP2000 adds some new cars as follows:
Peugeout Bipper
Peugeout Boxer III
Peugeout Boxer III minibus
Citroen Nemo
Citroen Jumper III
Citroen Jumper III minibus
Q15:I have installed it on windows 7 system, but it cannot work, what is the problem?
A15:It can only be installed on XP system; you need to change another computer with XP system.
Q16:When i register, i meet the problem "the activation code is not valid (error code 11)", what should i do?This is the error picture:
A16:For this problem, the reason is that your keygen information is wrong. Here is the screenshot of the keygen.
The number of the version information in the red frame is wrong, please change it to "LEXIA-348", then you can register successfully.
Read more:
This is from obd tool website technical support: FAQ Lexia-3 PP2000 at www.obdtool.co.uk